Small Box Games at Gen Con

Gen Con 2015 was amazing, and the Wee Big Gnome had a blast discovering new small box games. A lot of them are from indie publishers, and several are from big-name publishers as well. Here are some of them:

  • Outer Earth (Paul Tseng) – planetary development with slick art design
  • Bad Detectives (Zac Barton) – tile-based card game where crime solving has never been so 'bad'
  • RESISTOR_ (Anthony Amato, Nicole Kline) – a clever two-player game in a cool retro art style
  • Dragoon (Jake Given, Zach Given, Jonathan Ritter-Roderick) – awesome looking game with metal dragon pieces played on a cloth board
  • Tiny Epic Galaxies (Scott Almes) – the next big thing in the Tiny Epic 4X series
  • Bullfrogs (Keith Matejka) – frogs battle on sinking lilypads
  • Cthulhu Realms (Darwin Kastle) – Star Realms for 4 players, for gnomes who don't like to read text on cards
  • Flip City (Chen Zhifan) – a deceptively simple city-building microdeckbuilder
  • Stones of Fate (Luke Laurie) – a card game with area control, bidding, and a little bit of memory
  • Dragon Flame (Matt Loomis) – burning villages and looting castles
  • 9RedChan (Duncan Davis) – a game of memes

Look out for Wee Big's review on some of these games.