Review: Camel Up Cards

Camel Up Cards is a small box version of the hit-game Camel Up by designer Steffen Bogen, for 2 to 6 players. If you like the original Camel Up, you’ll enjoy this games. Instead of dice, it uses a draw deck of cards to move the camels. You will be able to have some control on the contents of the deck by stacking the deck, which makes for a more interesting game. The race track is also laid out using cards, and you will be able to dynamically change the length of the track mid-game to keep the race tight. I also like the new wooden fennec and oasis maples which replaces the mirage and oasis cards in the game. They are now used purely to affect the race. One thing I did not like was how it uses cards (and rotating cards) to keep track of your money. Inclusion of cardboard coins like in the original would have much improved the record keeping. I’ll definitively be adding my own coin counters to my copy of the game. The dice and the pyramid were cool in the original, but I think this is a better game from a game-play perspective. If you like the original Camel Up, this is a perfect addition to your collection for a portable version of the game.