Review: Cunning Folk

Cunning Folk is a micro game of bluffing and deduction. You are townsfolk, investigating the houses of Ipswich for witches, good and evil. Look at a card and tell your friends which character you see to use its ability. Of course, you could lie. Your opponents might call you out, but everyone should tread carefully: Wrong once, and the town suspects you of witchcraft. Twice, and you are ostracized! Keep your wits about you and—if you lie, do it well.

I can't remember having more fun with 9 cards than this little game. The art looks great and it comes with extra characters with different abilities that you can add to the base game to spice things up. It is extremly easy to teach, and each game lasts for about 5 mins, so you'll want to keep playing again and again. It's a great game to carry arround and has replaced Love Letter as the go-to game I always keep in my bag.