RESISTOR_ is a fast, fun, and intense two-player competitive card game in which you play as one of two supercomputers in charge of your country's global thermonuclear warheads. Through the manipulation of double-sided cards on the table and in your hand, you create a line that is either red (for DEEP RED) or blue (for BLU9000) that goes across the board into your enemy's base. Each player gets three actions and must take all three before the turn is over. Toss in some Resistor cards, either strategically or to introduce some chaos. The first person to get their enemy up to DEFCON 5 wins!

It's a little two-player game, with many clever design elements; i.e. the game box that doubles as a stand for the double-sided cards. It shows that the designer has put a lot of thought into the product. The art direction is nicely retro and very well suited for the game. The game is fast, and challenging, and provides some unique play.

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