F.L.O.W. is a fully cooperative time-traveling game where you are an agent of F.L.O.W., the Federal Land and Oceanic Workforce, entrusted with maintaining the Temporal Continuum and the fate of the human race. Open time portals to pivotal locations in time, travel to these locations, and shape incidents to architect a favorable ripple effect through the continuum. Can you and your team of F.L.O.W. agents complete the directives before time runs out?

F.L.O.W. gameplay

Use strings to connect different Nexus to travel through time. Orchestrate events that propagate down the time continuum.

Players: 1-4
Time: 45-60 mins


Most Innivative Game, Boston FiG 2017


... [F.L.O.W.] uses some really unique components and when it’s laid out on the tablet you can’t help but want to play it.

Tim Mattes, Boston FiG 2017

... The string mechanic is really cool, as is the ability to have your actions ripple through time.

Rob Kalajian, A Pawn's Perspective