Review: Machi Koro

Machi Koro (IDW Games, 2012) is a Japanese-style, dice-rolling, tableau-building game with a city building theme. I normally don't like dice-rolling games but this is one of the exceptions, since you have some control over the outcome of your rolls. In the game, you purchase building cards using coins. Each building has an ability and a probability range. The interesting mechanic is that purchasing buildings increases the probability that you will get to use the ability of a building with your dice rolls, thus increasing the effectiveness of the rolls. There are three main classes of buildings; those that activates when you roll, when others roll, and when anyone rolls. Building abilities that allow you to steal money from other players add fun interactions. Stylish Japanese art adds to the flavor of the game. The game comes in a medium-sized box but the components (cards, dice, and coins) can easily be transferred into a smaller container. Machi Koko is a quick, fun card game with a lot of style and a surprising amount of strategy.

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